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The right accessory can make or break an outfit. For guys, this may be a lapel pin, a tie tack, or even a watch. Women have far more options when it comes to the accessories they can wear with their clothes. They can put on necklaces, pendants, broaches, bracelets, earrings, and they also have the option of pins and watches. People may have stopped wearing watches on a regular basis, but they remain popular for certain social events. No one wants to have the wrong accessory at a dinner fancy enough to have personalised napkins. While there are those who have an innate talent for this sort of thing, what follows is a guide that helps people not to embarrass themselves on these occasions.

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When someone goes to a fancy dinner party, they do not want to wear their plastic watch. Even Swatches are out unless the party happens to have a 1980s theme. Men and women want to make sure that the watch on their wrist is made out of some sort of metal. Ideally, it must also have a dial and hands. If the bands are made out of gold, silver, or some other precious metal, the person should be at the fanciest dinner party. Men may be playing golf with business partners. After all, high quality time pieces impress people. They can save the cell phone for the casual events.

Women get far more options in jewelry than men, and some delight in the ornamentation options they have available. Some of the same rules apply that apply to watches, although bracelets, earrings, and other items do not have clock faces under most circumstances. If someone wants to attract even more attention, she should have a pendant made from the same materials. If she has chosen a dress or a suit that fits the decor, she may turn heads. If she turns heads in a good way, it may make a positive impression. If no one comments, it is still a step above than people making derisive comments or laughing at the outfit. There are times when a woman or a man does not want to be the talk of the town. After all, both good news and bad news gets spread by people who are prone to spreading gossip.

If someone wants to make sure that the personalised napkins make a small impression. They are not needed for most occasions. If someone wants to go to a less formal occasion, her jewelry does not need to be fancy. The man can skip the tie altogether and put on a simple polo shirt. If they are just going out to a McDonalds or a fast food chain, they only need to put on a t-shirt. Well, they probably should put on pants and shoes as well. The signs placed outside of the restaurant do not suggest a complete wardrobe. The sign makers assume that the people who read the sign will use a small amount of common sense.